AMG Interviews Boyo

AMG was able to interview Boyo when he came down to perform at the Soda Bar in San Diego. Boyo is a psych-pop act of Robert Tilden. He’s dropped numerous projects in just the past year with an album called Dance Alone released last November. Hear them talk about how he got George Costanza to be in one of his music videos, how he met Stevie Wonder, and more in this interview!

Reuben And the Dark Light up the Soda Bar

On June 12th, Reuben And the Dark played at the iconic San Diego venue, the Soda Bar. I love the venue and I was interested in seeing what the band sounded like live. The Canadian indie band has been on tour with bands like Boy and Bear and Vance Joy before so I knew they were bound to be good. This was my first time seeing the band and I was ready to be impressed.

The opener for their San Diego stop was Lindsay Perry who had no problem holding her own, rewarding the early attendees with what she had to offer. She sang her heart out with her acoustic set of her own original songs and even did some renditions which included Gorillaz's "Clint Eastwood". A mashup of Eazy E's "Boyz In the Hood" and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song followed soon after. It was great to see a San Diego artist open up but I was excited to see the band after.

Fronted by Reuben Bullock, a bearded man with with an air of mystery around him, the Calgary-based seemed ready to rock the venue. Songs like ‘Rolling Stone’ and ‘Bow & Arrow’ were definitely highlights of the sets. The backing members of the bands harmonizing with Reuben only added to the songs and made them more impressive. Reuben even walked off the stage and sang with the audience. He really wanted to get intimate with the crowd and encouraged us to sing along with him. Maybe it was because he was wearing white but it seemed like he had a certain radiance to him which contrasted the name of the band. 

Reuben And the Dark's set stood out to me and exceeded my expectations. The Soda Bar is great venue and have had several great artists come and perform there. Reuben And the Dark came made the venue like a cozy hole-in-the-wall spot and made their set seem like an intimate performance. I cannot wait to see them again once they come back to San Diego. 

Katelyn Tarver Interview

Photo: Twitter ( @Katelyntarver )

Photo: Twitter (@Katelyntarver)

AMG had the opportunity to speak with Katelyn Tarver over the phone. Katelyn is a singer-songwriter who's already written a #1 hit in the UK and was on the TV show, Big Time Rush. We talk about her influences when she was younger, how red carpets are overrated, and what we can expect from her for the rest of 2018. If you want to hear the full interview then just listen above. . 

AMG: Was there a song or album when you were younger that made you want to become a singer?

KT: I'm sure there were a bunch of different influences or  things that I would just do that made me want to like sing like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Big voices that you would put on and dance around in your living room but I remember back vividly listening to Whitney Houston singing “I Will Always Love You” and singing along to it. You know I'm sure I didn't hit the note really. I felt like I did! I remember running to my mom doing laundry or something and being like “Listen! I hit the note! I can sing it!”. I just remember loving and kind of getting lost in those songs. I felt that’s when I felt in love with music and where it can take you.

AMG: How did you first get into acting? Was it because you moved to LA and you had to because everyone else there basically acts as well?

KT: (Laughs) Not far off from that. I actually always had this love of performing when I was younger in the form of singing. As I got into the industry more, people asked me if I wanted to try acting and I said “Yeah! That seems fun.” As I started auditioning and getting more familiar with it, I really enjoyed it. I got an agent early on thanks to American Juniors and my first real gig was was Big Time Rush and I did some commercial stuff before that. BTR was the first major thing I booked and it was a great experience. It was the best “first” kind of role you would want for where I was at, at the time.

AMG: I feel like you’ve been to red carpet events for almost half your life now.

KT: (Laughs) Don’t remind me.

AMG: Do you think they’re overrated?

KT: Yes. I feel like i’m not the right person to say that as a fact but I would say there’s definitely an element to all these events that feels exciting and gives off that vibe of “This is Hollywood. This is glamour. This is cool.” They’re not that fun most of the time (laughs). I feel like i’m saying the wrong thing but I say that only because there can only be such an idea that if you’re not a part of those events or this industry/glamour/Hollywood. It feels so cool and so exciting but most of the time, you’re going and looking around for someone you know to hang out with. It can be fun but it can also be not that exciting as you thought it would be.

AMG: Your music career started when you were on American Juniors. I think you were 13 around that time which is around middle school age so what type of music were you listening to back then?

KT: In middle school, I was a pop girl. I loved pop music, I loved the radio. I grew up in Georgia and my mom would put on Amy Grant and all these Gospel/Christian contemporary singers when I was young. I loved it but when I got to middle school, I realized my friends were listening to the radio and I never really listened to it. So when I finally turned on the radio and I started listening to Brittany, Christina, N’SYNC, and Backstreet Boys, I loved it like everyone else. That’s still a big influence on why I want to do pop. I remember watching all those artists and going to a N’SYNC concert and it was cool. It was one of my first arena shows so there’s that energy and there’s this magic. I almost get emotional when I go to arena shows (laughs). It’s just the coolest thing I can think of and I guess that’s why i’m trying to do what i’m doing. I definitely listened to pop music and my dad would also put on James Taylor, Carole King, and all these good singer-songwriters so I feel like I have alot of those influences on me as well.

AMG: You mentioned boy bands that influenced you around that time such as N’SYNC and Backstreet Boys. You actually have a connection with the Backstreet Boys, right?

KT: Yeah? I’m curious where this is going.

AMG: Didn’t Howie D used to manage you?

KT: (Laughs) Yeah, he did for a second! That’s so funny. I was working with this other manager at the time and Howie wanted to test the waters and see if managing artists was something he would like to do and develop them. We worked together for a little moment in time and it was a pretty weird, cool full circle moment.

AMG: So your brother, Drew Tarver, is a comedian.

KT: Yes.

AMG: Does he ever get jealous that you’ve opened up for Jeff Foxworthy?  

KT: (Laughs). You’re really bring back some classic moments of my career that even i’ve almost forgotten about. That’s so funny. Maybe he does get jealous that i’ve done that? That was pretty cool. I’m from a small town in Georgia and Jeff Foxworthy came to town so they put me on before him. It’s so funny to think about now but yeah that was interesting. My brother now is a pretty successful in comedy and doing his thing so I don’t think he’s jealous of me. I did give him his start but now he’s spread his wings.

AMG: I heard the name of your fanbase is called the “Tarvernators”?

KT: I have seen that.

AMG: Is that not official?

KT: We can make it official. That’s fine with me. I haven’t given it a ton of thought but I have seen Tarvernators and if they like that, then that’s fine with me.

AMG: I guess it’s official now.

KT: (Laughs) I guess it is. SPREAD. THE. NEWS.

AMG: You’ve progressed so much from your first album, Wonderful Crazy and you’ve come a long way since then. Your latest project is called the Kool Aid EP. What can you tell me about that?

KT: That’ll be coming out later this summer and it’s just going to be new music. I’ve released a couple of songs that’ll be on it. I already released “LY4L” and “Never Fade” and the EP is called Kool Aid because there will be a song called “Kool Aid” on there.

AMG: What can we expect from you for the rest of 2018?

KT: We talked about the EP, i’ll be on the season of HBO’s Ballers, and i’ll be on tour in San Diego, Anaheim, Santa Barbara, LA, and San Francisco. The rest is tbd.

AMG: Anything left to say to the fans?

KT: Thanks for listening to my music and sharing it with your friends and that's really all I can ask for. So I appreciate it.

kt tour.jpg

Catch Katelyn at the Soda Bar in San Diego on May 9th, 2018! 

Find Katelyn on her websiteFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can find her music on Spotify, YouTube, and other music streaming platforms. 

Ryley Walker Concert Review & Interview


On April 16th, AMG had the opportunity to interview Ryley Walker, an indie-folk singer who hails from Rockford, Illinois. You’ll get to hear another side of Ryley Walker that has been never seen before. If you want to hear the interview then listen to the audio! Also, read the review of the show Ryley Walker did at the Soda Bar in San Diego below.

Ryley Walker made a triumphant return to San Diego. With a new album on the horizon for the singer-songwriter, Ryley Walker came back to San Diego to perform at the Soda Bar. His album which is set to be released later in May, Deafman Glance, is highly anticipated. I haven’t heard much of Ryley before seeing him live but when I listened to some of his songs on Spotify, my ears were hooked right away. There’s so much realness in his lyrics and his voice is fantastic. Listening to his songs cause me to paint such vivid images in my head of whatever he is singing about. This made me excited to see him perform.

The opener was a band called Ditches. The band was local and actually from Encinitas. Ditches hasn’t performed at Soda Bar in over a year so it was great to see them play there. I found out the band recently released an album back in late April too. Their performance was good but just stuck in my head was the thought of what Ryley’s set was going to be like. I just interviewed Ryley right before his set and he had such insightful answers and a great sense of humor. All of this made me wonder what his performance would be like after seeing his personality was as wonderful as his music.

Ryley Walker walked on to the stage and performed in front of the crowd alone. It was a shame to see him performing without a backing band but at the same time, it was interesting because it felt more intimate. He played many of his fan-favorites such as “The Roundabout” and “Telluride Speed”.  The songs featured great guitar work and I my ears could not help but grip to every lyric he was belting out. He had some great banter in between songs as well. He had hilarious stories about the double-edged sword that are breakfast burritos and how he envied how schools in San Diego had outdoor lockers.

A highlight of the night was near the end of his set where he played “Opposite Middle”. It was a very touching song and caused me to come to the conclusion that he was one of the best acts i’ve ever seen at the Soda Bar. I was a bit bummed out that he did not perform one of my favorite songs, “Sullen Mind” but getting to see whole set more than made up for him not performing that song. There was just something about him singing his deeply introspective lyrics on the Soda Bar stage that was captivating. You could not help but ignore everyone surrounding you and just focus on Ryley Walker singing his beautiful songs. Ryley Walker is the real deal, and a treat if you have the opportunity to see him live.

Make sure to listen to his latest album, Deafman Glance, when it is released on May 18th!

AMG Sits Down with Marc E Bassy!

AMG Sits Down with Marc E Bassy!

AMG had the chance to interview Marc E Bassy when he was performing at The House of Blues in San Diego. We talk about his admiration for 2Pac, talk about his friends and family back up in NorCal, and his connection with Zac Efron. Things get even more interesting when rapper, Rob $tone, drops by in the middle of the interview.

Video Interview with Hip Hop Producer Blockhead

AMG’s Christian Le interviews Blockhead on St. Patrick’s Day at the Soda Bar. Listen to them talk about the influence of public access television in his music, how Aesop Rock is much a better rapper than him, his rap verse as a gnome, and playing basketball with Adam Sandler.


Video Interview with DJ / Singer-Songwriter Mako!

We were lucky enough to sit down with San Diego’s very own Mako for an interview. Mako is one of the most diverse DJ’s in the music scene with working on music for companies such as Ford and Coca-Cola and videos games like League of Legends. We chat about his background in music, getting an autograph from one of his biggest inspirations, and working as a bartender while at Julliard.


Video Interview: Grace Mitchell

Grace Mitchell is an incredible singer and her music does not confine itself in one specific genre. AMG had the chance to sit down with her for an interview. Check out her talking about her personal life and some tips on going to Coachella. Her album is coming out soon but hope you will enjoy this interview to get you even more hyped for the album.

Video Interview: Buddha Trixie!

Video Interview: Buddha Trixie!

AMG interviewed San Diego band, Buddha Trixie at The Fright’s You Are Going To Hate This 3 Fest. The four members of the band are some of the most hilarious guys i’ve interviewed. Listen to the interview for tons of hilarious banter between them. Hear them talk about some of the dynamics between the four of them, who could potentially be producing their next album, and much more!

Rare Interview with Electronic Artist, Slow Magic

Rare Interview with Electronic Artist, Slow Magic

AMG had the opportunity to interview Slow Magic at his show at The Observatory North Park. For readers unaware of who he is, the artist is one of the most mysterious artists in the Electronic music scene. If you wanted to know more about the artist then today is your lucky day. Slow Magic does not do too many interviews now-a-days so getting to sit down and meeting the man behind the mask in person is rare.

Video Interview with Hunny!

AMG had the chance to interview able to interview Hunny at You Are Going To Hate This Fest 3. We talk about their do’s and don’ts on tour and who they would like to replace them in the band. Also hear about the lead singer’s (Jason) connection to YouTuber Sky Williams. If you are a fan of the band or like them then check them out on tour!

Filmed by Sara Bluhm