AMG Presents: DJ Battle

10 DJs spun their best mixes in the biggest music tournament the Student Union's ever seen. The winner of the contest earned a spot to perform for over 500 students at AMG's 3rd Annual Silent Disco. Scroll down to check out our DJs, judges, music and more, in the event that determined the best DJ at State! 


Meet the djs



Matthew Wallace is a 1st year music business entrepreneurship major. He plays drums and has played in bands since high school. He's from the Bay Area and has a background in classical music. For the DJ Battle, he's prepared to bring West Coast underground base, trap and dubstep stye music.

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Seniors Austin Kennedy and Victor Quintos make up the duo who will be bringing a selective mix of rap, hip hop, trap, base and dub to this DJ Battle. The two played at AMG's Silent Disco last year and call DJing a passion. 



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Joshua Jackson is a senior recording technology major who has been making music since he was 11 and is currently working on his 12th album. He loves to create sample-based electronic music, "groovy stuff" and house music. 


Lydon Quill is a junior recording technology major who says "there's nothing else in the world" he'd rather do than make music. He's been making music since he was 6. Hailing from Utah, Lydon likes mixing hip hop, dance and ambient electronic music. 


Justin Strong is a transfer student from San Bernardino who hopes to make music professionally after graduation. He's been in love with music since he was a kid and says creating music is a way for him to express himself. At this DJ Battle, he says he'll be providing "the techno that they need."

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Andrew Miech is a 3rd year pre-med major from Ventura who's been mixing for four months. He's ready to bring trap, dubstep and riddim music to the table. Andrew says, "it'll be a fun night."


Gustavo Cristobal is a third year journalism major who's been mixing for three years and is currently learning how to produce. He says he'll be starting out his session with trap, electronic house and do his best to incorporate all genres of EDM. Gustavo spends his time DJing at parties and he's been to over 22 raves. 

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Garrett Johnson and Truman Job make up the EDM duo that is Jive Music. They plan on bringing their electronic music to the battle and are excited to show their stuff! 

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Devin Michalec is a third year marketing major who's passion is mixing. He loves to mix all genres and plans to get the crowd hyped with a mix of EDM and hip hop at the DJ Battle. He's from Pennsylvania and says he likes to "travel the world looking for sounds."



Rob Rubalcaba is more than an SDSU alum and math professor, he's also a late-night DJ who turns up the volume at the likes of Bluefoot Bar, Seven Grand and El Dorado Cocktail Lounge. He also teaches at San Diego City College and regularly contributes to KCR College Radio. He's been mixing funk, soul and hip hop since grad school, and says he'll be bringing an "extra surprise" to this Thursday's Battle. 



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Ace Antonio is a live music industry professional with experience in concert production, television production, event management, talent management and marketing. 
Ace is an Event Coordinator with UC San Diego, where he's in charge of the Triton Fest event series. Ace is pursuing his goal of producing the next big North American music festival. 

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Eric Starr is a Music professor at SDSU and the Performing Arts Internship Coordinator. He is a highly skilled and trained musician with a background in classical music, certified with four degrees as a classical trombonist.


Before he helped develop his passion project known today as Aztec Music Group, SDSU Alum, Aleksey "Czar" Zeltser got his start in the industry as a local music producer. He had a breakthrough with the song "Feel It," which featured west coast heavyweights Hit-Boy and Problem in 2012. These days Aleksey spends most of his time developing artists and producers, his independent record label, and an app dedicated to music producers.

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J Lisk is a producer, songwriter, and DJ based in San Diego, California. He has released music internationally with labels including Spinnin' Records and Armada Music.